Very Intelligent Princess

Thought of the Week

The human body is a work of Art. The make up and design of our bodies is incredibly engineered.

What is VIP?

You may have heard that VIP means Very Important Person.

Here, VIP means
Very Intelligent Princess.

VIP is a new online club for enthusiastic girls anywhere in the UK.
Boys are welcome TOO!

We are all Very Intelligent Princesses.

We like playing inside and outside … come and join our club!

Meet ...Jo the Joker

Jo loves a joke.
She enjoys dressing up and pulling very silly faces.
She likes acting and performing – perhaps you do, too?

Meet ...Charlie the Climber

Charlie loves to climb.
See what her favourite things are to do.
Maybe you like to run, jump and skip too, just like Charlie?

Meet ...Rose the Fixer

Rose loves to fix things.
She likes to play around with how things work and make new things.
Is that something you like to do?

Thought of the Week

Every week we take an English proverb or saying and try to interpret it into a more child-friendly, modern way.

The VIP club want to bring life to ancient pearls of wisdom and mould them into everyday behaviour.

Monthly Activity

Each month we add a new activity to the site as a suggestion for some play ideas which will inspire girls to use their imagination and aid their particular areas of expertise.

We hope also to encourage play from a basic level in order to stimulate children to develop and explore new territories.

VIP of the Month

We invite members to send in pictures of how they got on with the monthly activity.

This could be a photo of themselves taking part in the activity or a finished product of the activity.

Then we choose a VIP of the Month, write them up on the blog and send through a small prize.