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04 Dec

Guest Post:

Inedible Fruit & Veg

Inedible fruit and veg used in English Schools   A report has divulged that fruit & vegetables given to children under a government scheme are mainly imported, of low quality and with high levels of pesticide residues. This is in … Read more »

27 Nov

Guest Post:

Type 2 Diabetes

OBESITY HEALTH ALLIANCE   Type 2 diabetes now affects nearly 7,000 young Britons.   Young Britons under 25 and 7,000 children have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This disease which is linked to obesity can lead to amputations and … Read more »

21 Nov

Guest Post:


The essence of being Eccentric   Thank goodness for eccentric women in the sea of sameness we face each day. Girls want to copy one another but why? After the years of peer pressure have passed, surely it is time … Read more »

13 Nov

Guest Post:

Screen Time at home

Limiting your adult screen time   Parents are being urged to extract themselves from their screens and get their children ready for school.   The education secretary Duncan Hinds, says that whilst we talk a lot about screen time for … Read more »

06 Nov

Guest Post:

Talking to children about PORN

Talking to children about Porn The concern continues to rise, with children and their easy daily access to porn.   The porn which is so easily found online, is promoting sexually aggressive behaviour towards women and girls.  A staggering nearly … Read more »

31 Oct

Guest Post:

Children and their Teeth

40% of children in the UK who need surgery for dental problems are already known to Social Services.   Experts have indicated that children with severe dental decay should be referred to NHS safe guarding teams as it could be … Read more »

23 Oct

Guest Post:

Homework for 3-year olds

Homework for 3-year olds   Is this an impossible concept to process, that 3-year olds now have to do homework after school?   In the States, the New York Department of Education is advocating half an hour of homework a … Read more »

16 Oct

Guest Post:

Obese at Ten Years Old

Obese at Ten years Old   It has been announced on the news this week, that a record number of 10- & 11-year olds in England are “severely obese”.   One in 25 children in year 6 primary school are … Read more »

09 Oct

Guest Post:

New Tech Toys

New tech toys   UK schools now spend 900m on education technology every year in order to teach the next generation basic digital skills.   Once upon a time, classrooms were blackboards, and textbooks but with the fast ever evolving … Read more »

02 Oct

Guest Post:

Colours v Drab

Colourful clothing for girls and drab outfits for boys?   It does seem to be the norm now to be able to get anything for girls in a rainbow of colours but for boys there remains a dull collection of … Read more »