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23 Apr

Guest Post:

5-Minute Crafts

5 Minute Crafts   A Facebook page called 5-minute crafts which is based in Cyprus has come under fire this week.   The site suggested that women should wrap their stomachs in layers of cling film to create a smoother … Read more »

19 Mar

Guest Post:

Striking or Schooling?

Striking or Schooling?   An interesting article has been written by David Reed, saying that Activism is more important than grades.   This Friday there was another large-scale school climate strike, following the one last month. Adults were secretly thrilled … Read more »

05 Mar

Guest Post:

Eating Disorder in under 12’s

Eating disorders in children under 12   We mainly think of teenagers and ages above,  developing eating disorders but the number of under 12-year olds with the disorder, has been growing in recent years.   Researchers are not sure what … Read more »

Was it easier 40 or 20, or even 10 years ago to be a teenager?   Sophie Elkan, published a self-help book for girls last Spring, tackling the question of how parents can help. The book is The Girl’s Guide … Read more »

19 Feb

Guest Post:

Youth Strike 4 Climate

Youth Strike 4 Climate   Everything we feared in the future is slowly coming to fruition. Insect populations collapsing. Mass animal extinction. Wild fires. Droughts, heatwaves and floods. The stench of doom is appearing incredibly quickly.   The strike took … Read more »

12 Feb

Guest Post:

Good Samaritans

The role of the Samaritans today   There is a steady increase in children committing suicide in the UK. The Samaritans are the only organisation collated the statistics.   The Samaritans are of course immensely interested in protecting children and … Read more »

29 Jan

Guest Post:

Selfie Filters

The Selfie filters are getting widely used and are leading people to seek surgery so they can become that ‘filtered’ image of themselves. Maybe the filter changes the shape of your nose that you have hated for ever or makes … Read more »

21 Jan

Guest Post:


January 21stis officially the most miserable day of the year.   Is this just for adults or does it affect children as well?   The blues could be seen to arrive because there are credit card bills to deal with, … Read more »

The more time spent on social media, the more depressed children are becoming, is this the struth?   Girls more so than boys, it appears.   Girls have a higher rate of depression than boys and it is being linked … Read more »

24 Dec

Guest Post:

Father Christmas

Keeping Santa alive and real   How important is it to keep the belief of Santa Claus or Father Christmas alive for young and even older children?   They will find out eventually that it he is not real and … Read more »