New Steps



In August, this year Mothercare were slammed for their Nature Explorer collection for girls featuring floral patterns and slogans using words like ‘confetti’ and ‘sparkle’.  Their Space Oddity collection geared towards the boys, showed planets and used words like ‘genius’.

Tesco were similarly scolded for their Back to School shoes range which offered ‘Airtred ‘soles for boys with a dinosaur motif and ‘Sensitive Soles’ for girls with a pink butterfly.

Who dared to insinuate that girls have dainty feet and can’t stomp around as heavily as boys?


This had parents boiling with rage on Social media, threatening boy-coting the range.


Now they seemed to have come up with a reprieve to the situation.


Myleene Klass has designed for Mothercare the My K collection, clothing to be worn by boys or girls, featuring mainly black, white. grey and yellow tones. Mothercare will still carry on with boy &girl sections in their stores and on-line.



The My K range includes panda dungarees, and slogan t-shirts stating, ‘Brave Bold Fearless ‘and ‘Ready Steady Sleep’ on a romper suit.


Let Clothes Be Clothes campaigns for retailers to finally put an end to gender stereotypes and is delighted with the new My K range.

Other brands are following suit, John Lewis have scrapped their Boys and Girls labels.

Tobias & The Bear have been making unisex printed leggings since 2013, Tootsa have been offering monochrome colourways since 2012 and Waddler uses fabrics from Peru & Bolivia ticking both ethical resourced and non-gender specific boxes at once.


Apple has also unveiled a new style Emojis for the iPhone.  These Emojis feature an elderly person with short grey hair and glasses, and an adult and youngster, both with hair ending just below their ears.  The features of each emoji are androgynous and are perhaps the end of emojis of long haired girls.

Step by Step changes are happening within the clothing and the world of Emojis.