2017 Most Popular Babies Names

What’s in a Name


The most popular names of 2017 have been announced by the Office for National Statistics.


The most heard names in the UK are still Olivia, Oliver and Muhammad (all spelt in various ways).  Sarah the most popular name for girls from the 1970’s and 1980’s has dropped off the top 100 since 1904, when records began.

Lyla, Orla, Edit, Hallie and Aurora enter the top 100 girl’s name and Leo and Ralph into the boys top 100.


Parents appear to be looking for names that are celestial such as Luna and Aria.


Of course, one of the biggest climbers was Harper, the name the Beckhams gave their youngest child in 2011. Other sources of inspiration are music or sports, Kendrick being one (after rapper Kendrick Lamar) and Kobe (after Kobe Bryant).


Funnily enough there is no inspiration from political figures such as Boris, Jeremy or Theresa. Jacob however was the 6th most popular in 2017, when arch-Brexiter Jacob Rees-Mogg has grown in popularity in some places.  Only 11 Nigels were born last year but 50 Winstons appeared.


When Britain joined the EU in 1973, Michael and Jennifer were the most popular names!


Also, names vary from region to region, in North Wales, Hari is the most popular boys name, in Blackburn Zainab is the most popular girl’s name.  Birmingham favours Amelia and Muhammad, Bristol Jack and Olivia and Tunbridge Wells likes Arthur, Oscar, Florence and Lily.


Muslims make up 5% of the UK population, and the data shows that Muslim families are more likely to call their son Mohammed than any other name and therefore Mohammed has continued to be in the top 100 since 1926.


Other unusual names do not make the chart, Walt & Boo born last week to Chris Evans and Natasha Shishmanian!


Top Boys names

Oliver, Harry, George, Noah, Jack


Top Girls names

Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Ava, Emily