January 21stis officially the most miserable day of the year.


Is this just for adults or does it affect children as well?


The blues could be seen to arrive because there are credit card bills to deal with, taxes to pay and the festive season is over. The weather is grim and back to work can all contribute to the gloomy feeling in January.  Adding to the pressure, one might have taken on a new year resolution, hard to keep and easy to break.


How could any of the above affect children? The most obvious one is going back to school.  Although it is always nice to catch up with friends, exchange Christmas gift stories but the early mornings and routine of endless lessons, is not everyone’s idea of fun.

How can a family ease the January blues?

There are a few things that might help.


Hiding away at home is not a good idea, indulging in Tv and fatty foods.  Force yourself to go out and meet people.


De-clutter the house, book a holiday for the summer and set yourself some goals, will all help you sighing at the grey skies.

Do some exercise that you enjoy, walking the dog, using apps that encourage you in your progress but do them all together as a family.

Exercise really helps mental health and cost nothing is you use parks and outside spaces.  Most people have spent too much over Christmas, so this is the time to spend time doing activities that make you feel good and cost very little.


Daylight will really add to your good mood, especially if the sun is out.  Vitamin D ramps up our serotonin hormones which make us feel happy.


Keep away from as much social media as possible, seeing your friends on the beach in the Caribbean will not lift your spirits.

Seeing holier than thou friends who are incredibly rich/successful and impossibly happy will not lighten your mood.


And they are lying anyway.