5-Minute Crafts

5 Minute Crafts


A Facebook page called 5-minute crafts which is based in Cyprus has come under fire this week.


The site suggested that women should wrap their stomachs in layers of cling film to create a smoother silhouette.


This caused an outrage with followers either disputing this one-dimensional standard whilst others deemed the cling film as a body shaper being unsafe.


One follower decided to unfollow the page immediately, stating that the video was irritating, and individuality is what makes everyone beautiful.

The video piece starts with a woman unhappily grabbing at her midriff dressed in a dress, proceeding to strip down to her underwear and wrapping her stomach in many layers of clingfilm.


As the woman puts the dress back on, her sideways silhouette is shown, and the corset made of cling film appears to have brought her stomach back into nearly flat.


The cling film can suffocate your body producing excess sweat and possible blisters.

There are of course, much more sensible ways to lose unhealthy stomach fat:

Avoid sugar, eat more nuts, olive oil avocados and fish.

Load your plate with at least half of vegetables.

And of course, exercise and don’t sit for too long.


There is a surprising list of foods that cause bloating and gas

Watermelon, onions, blackberries, artichokes, Mangoes,snowpeas, plums, Apples.


Or turn to an old-fashioned girdle which are now back very much in fashion. The girdles suck in body fat and compress the body. The other false claim with a girdle, is that it prevents you eating too much as it is constantly pressing on your waist.

The myth is that a girdle will strengthen or tone the abdominal muscles, this is not true.


Unfortunately, if you want to reduce your waist size and all the health implications that come with the extra fat, you must eat sensibly and exercise.

Rather the total mantra for life.