Father Christmas

Keeping Santa alive and real


How important is it to keep the belief of Santa Claus or Father Christmas alive for young and even older children?


They will find out eventually that it he is not real and in fact the parents who deliver the presents.


The build up to Christmas is a very exciting time for all children, the uncertainty of whether they have been good or not and whether Father Christmas will indeed bring them a gift.

The hanging of the stocking in the fireplace, the leaving out of biscuits and sherry for his arrival and seeing in the morning that he nibbled at them.

The hoof prints of the reindeer in the snow (if there is any) and the gleaming pile of presents under the tree.

The advent calendar with its open windows, all leading up to that one day of promise.

What is there not to like about the mystery of the season and the prospect of a jolly bearded fellow climbing down the chimney, bringing gifts to the ‘good’ children?

Younger children are most likely to find out the truth when their older siblings or friends at school taunt them for still believing. The peer pressure starts to kick in and they feel the need to follow suit, even though a small part of them still wants to believe.


There are ways to shift the myth of Father Christmas into a more grown-up and healthy view of Christmas.


Christmas is definitely a time to embrace the community and help others less fortunate.  It is a time to give away unwanted toys to children in need, a time to visit your elders and a time to think about the origin of Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ.


Whether one believes or not, the Christmas story should be kept alive so one is not so wrapped up in selfish thoughts of presents and rather involved in needs to others.

And then to continue this in their daily lives, well into 2019.