To go to Nursery or not

Opinions on Nurseries


In the affluent area of Muswell Hill in London, an anonymous neighbour posted a note through a mother’s letterbox.


The note said that mothers were ‘distressing’ their children by sending them to nursery because for the first 4 years of a child’s life, they only want to be with their mother.


Some mothers choose to work when they have children, some mothers really don’t want to go back to work.  But the nursery schools are there to provide the service, whatever decision is made and there are a fair few in Muswell Hill.


Now the Muswell Hill mums who aren’t stay at home mums, are facing this new challenge from a stranger.


Using the name ‘Sheila’, the mystery woman wrote: ‘Dear parents, I live near you and I see you taking your baby to the nursery… I notice your baby is very distressed and disturbed coming/going to the nursery.
The targeted mother Joanne Flynn would like to meet the mystery woman and speak to her face to face.

Sheila, who said her own children were now 14, wrote to the parents, saying: ‘The hours you have your baby in are just far too long and this is so disturbing for a baby as they only want their mum. You have missed so much… you can never get those years back, and someone else has had those years…

There is no point in having kids for someone else to bring him or her up.’

The charity What About The Children commented that babies and young infants can experience separation anxiety and fear of strangers if they spend too long away from their mothers too quickly.

It advises: ‘If your baby doesn’t settle then it may be best to postpone the return to work, if at all.’


On the other hand, recent study suggested children of working mothers developed faster than those of women who stay at home.


Those with mothers who stayed at home were less advanced, said scientists at Oxford University and the London School of Economics.