Lammily goes from strength to strength

We have watched the progress of the Lammily doll over the years.


The Lammily doll was invented by Nickolay Lamm who modelled her doll on the proportions of an average 19-year-old American woman.


Standing her new dolls against a Barbie doll was a real shock and her idea to produce a realistic doll was born.

She started a crowd funding project in 2014 and the rest is history.


The last time we wrote the Lammily wheel chair had arrived and was sold out very quickly. This was the only fashion doll sized wheel chair available on the market.


Currently you can buy one of 3 dolls, the Photographer doll complete with camera strung around her neck and dressed in a casual skirt and blouse, the original Lammily doll dressed in denim shirt and shorts or the boy Lammily in jean shorts and a checked shirt.

The themed outfits are quite diverse now.

There is even a Swarovski crystal necklace (limited edition) and Culver City shoes to pre order, suitably rustic with turquoise laces.


Currently the wedding dress is out of stock and was hand crafted in Colombia, possibly the most traditional outfit available for the doll.


Otherwise Your doll can be a firefighter, an auto mechanic, a Pizza Presto worker or a nurse.

There is even a Joan of Arc outfit complete with a mini flag.


The boy Lammily could be a flight attendant or a boy from Dubai.

There are country favourite outfits

A stroll through Paris

Celebrating Denmark,

A Scotland Adventure

New York New York

Barcelona Night Out and

Exploring Rio.


You can buy patterns to make your own Rio dress, a cosy cape or a Winter Wonderland snowsuit and boots.


The Lammily marks still prove popular to make your doll even more real.

Reusable stickers which include Acne, stretch marks, Stitches, Bruises, Grass stains and Mosquito bites!


Period Party pack introduces periods to children with an educational pamphlet, pants, reusable coloured sanitary pads and a calendar with dot stickers to record the doll’s cycle.


Lammily’s mission statement is

We believe that if girls are encouraged to follow their dreams, without focusing on what they should look like, then they will grow up to be confident, strong, and powerful women.