Modern Dolls

Modern Dolls

We love Lammily dolls but are not convinced if you really need a Period Party kit BUT I am sure it has a place in a teenagers development and understanding of her menstrual cycle.

Lammily introduce their special pack stating the statistics that an average woman spends a total of 6 years being on their period and therefore it is a huge part of their life. Often it is clouded in taboos and hushed whispers.

The party pack contains an educational pamphlet, pants, coloured sanitary pads and a calendar compete with dot stickers to mark down the cycles dates!

Lammily now produce 3 dolls, the traveller, the photographer and a boy doll. All with realistic body sizes.

The outfits available for the dolls range from Voyager Space suits to Hijabs to sparkly mermaid suits. Something for every taste.

You can even get Marks for the body – stickers to emulate Cellulite, Stretch marks, Moles, Stitches, Scrapes & Scratches, Bruises, Cast, Scars, Mosquito Bites, Grass, Dirt Stains etc!

These dolls were launched by Crowd funding as an alternative to other skinny body shapes of other popular dolls.

Barbie have taken a lead on this after suffering severe criticism on their original Barbe body shapes with the impossible waist and perfect breasts.
They now supply Barbie in her ‘original’ shape, a ‘curvy’ dolls with proper normal hips and a ‘Tall’ and ‘Petite” dolls.
They also introduced 7 skin tones, 22 eye colours & 24 hairstyles!

Likened to the American Girl Doll who is a bigger 18 inch high doll and now offer a boy doll.

Developed in 1986, American Girl hopes to inspire girls through their dolls and her accessories.

Their range also offers different hairstyles and colourings. They also have a line of historical dolls to connect girls with inspiring characters and point them towards what possibilities their future could offer.

American Girl magazine serves its 8- to 12-year-old readers by speaking directly to the passions, hopes, and worries that all girls share. The magazine’s mission is to help girls find their way in a confusing yet exciting world—to entertain, educate, and empower them at a time when so much in their lives is changing.