School Dinners & Food Banks

School Dinners & Food Banks


It seems incredible to learn that in 2018, there are still many families who rely on free school meals to feed their children good hot meals during term times.  Consequently, in the long summer holidays the families are turning to food banks to fill this gap.


Food banks are crying out for donations.  The Trussell Trust, a charity that runs a network of 42 food banks all over the country reported an increase in number of people urgently seeking help in the summer months, with parents fearing their children will go hungry when missing out on that all-important school meal.

The number of children looking for 3-day emergency supplies of food rose from 70,510 in May and June to more that 74,000 during July and August last year, which equals 600,000 meals. Added together with adults the charity provided a total of 204,000 packages last summer but said they were short on donations.


The impact on parents has been calculated to up to £40 a week per child in extra outlay on food outside of term-time The Trussell Trust explained that food banks cannot be a long-term solution to hunger.  NO charity can replace people having enough money for basic food supplies

Ministers have drawn up plans to investigate whether the government’s own policies are to blame for rise in the use of food banks.  A Government spokesman said they were committed to supporting families in their lives and employment and recently announced a £2 million fund for organisations to support disadvantaged families during the school holidays, which includes healthy meals.


The Trussell Trust provides Holiday Clubs Project which provides a good practise operating manual, as well as training and foodbanks resources to equip people to run Holiday Clubs in their community, providing food, activities and support to families in the school holidays.


These are 170 days of the holidays when children from low income families, can’t afford activities and end up spending lots of time indoors with a staggering 78% of households saying they missed days without one meal.


There are more than four million children are growing up in poverty in the UK.