Valentine’s Day Blues

How does it make you feel?

Good about yourself, or even worse than normal?


We are inundated with photos of perfect couples going about their perfect lives, obviously utterly in love with one another.


Essentially a commercial success, Valentine’s Day forces us to buy ‘things’ for one another,

Roses, anything with a love heart on it, silly balloons with slogans on them and THEN you are expected to go out for a romantic dinner squashed alongside other perfect couples in an overpriced restaurant.

It’s an unnatural situation and most couples appear decidedly awkward.

It clearly is one big CON and one big cliché.

At school it starts, when your popular friends receive lots of romantic messages and you maybe get a message from your Grandpa, which does make you feel a tiny bit better. Then precede into the rest of your life when you somehow find yourself in your twenties going out for Valentine meals with boyfriends.

Luckily you are over it all by 30 years old.


This year the 14th of February, fell on another important day.  It was Ash Wednesday, the start of lent but this important religious day, was of course over shadowed by Heart-Day.


The real origins of Valentine’s day have perhaps been forgotten.  In AD 289 Saint Valentine was a priest whom was put into prison for secretly marrying couples under the anti-marriage totalitarian reign of Emperor Claudius.  St Valentine apparently passed a note to his love through the prison bars on the 14th February on his way to being executed.


It said “From your Valentine”


In 1913, Valentine’s day became commercial as Hallmark produced their first Valentine’s day cards.  Then it all went crazy.

By the mid 80- ‘s there were chocolates, flowers and jewellery and by 2009 the US made 9.2 billion in Valentine’s day retail.

Imagine the numbers today in 2018.


Surely it is more loving to spend the Lenten helping other, than lavishing one stupidly expensive present on one person?