Warning signs

Back to School Behaviour


Going back to school can create many common anxieties, seeing friends again and swopping stories, having the correct ‘in’ accessories for the new year and feeling sure of oneself emotionally and academically.


How can you define normal anxieties from something more serious?


It is perfectly normal for a child to not seem themselves for a few days, wanted to hide in the house and not see anyone.  As adults we go through the same feelings.


Ups and Downs in moods are perfectly natural, but when should one be concerned for a child’s mental health, anxiety issues and depression?


Nestle have set up an independent research, fining half of all parents in the survey having had experience of their child struggling with their emotional wellbeing.


13% had children who had suffered anxiety

7% Depression

12% had low self esteem

6% had weight issues/eating disorders/self-harming

16% had been bullied.

Stem4 (is a teen mental health charity) suggested steps for parents to take to check in on their child’s mental health and offered an insight into early warning signs.


Stem4 said it is normal to fret about exams or cry after an argument with a friend BUT when this worry took over the child’s life and did not go away, this is a cause for concern.

Persistent low moods are not healthy and if there is a sudden change in a sociable child becoming withdrawn and quiet, this is a red alert. Or if they have suddenly changed their friendship groups quite drastically.


Negative talking about themselves and low motivation could point to a serious issue or even more risk-taking behaviour than before.


Steps to take when things are noticed, are to try and talk to the child and engage them in a hobby they are good at, such as dancing or singing.


Otherwise seek professional help.


Of course, it is better to nip the problem in the bud before it appears and grows.

Regular chats with your child about their feelings are beneficial and encouraging, cut down on too many extra-curricular activities which might cause pressure and feed them healthy food and get plenty of sleep.


Last but not least, restrict social media time, so they have time to dream and their mind has a chance to control and sort everything going through their brain.