Spiritual or Witchcraft


Millennials are focusing on Witchcraft as a fashionable trend in their lifestyles.


They are called wiccans and are incredibly hip. These women in their twenties are 21st century witches, wearing heavy eye makeup, septum piercings and have crystal ball tattoos.

There is a growing number of young women turning to witchcraft as a way to relax and focus in our increasingly difficult world.

We aren’t talking about devil worship and curses but the ‘Generation Hex” use spells to help their self-esteem, ask the tarot cards for guidance and perform rituals to enrich their lives.

Some of the rituals include healing baths, candles that banish negativity and these crafts have been taken online, to share their spirituality with thousands of followers.


Witch casket is an organisation run by mother and daughter, charging £27 per month.

The subscribers receive a box of witchcraft supplies including ingredients for spells, herbs and candles. The business has expanded to 30 countries and is amazingly popular.

Witch Casket state that it is a form of escapism, allowing the individual to find peace within a turbulent world.

Celebrities are embracing the mystic scene including Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks, using witch imagery in their videos and wearing new-age witch looks including long black messy hair, thigh-high lace-up boots and silver chokers.  Also, rather similar to Goths.


Why is this occurring?  In hard political times, youngsters look to spirituality to try and reclaim power.  Witchcraft is incredibly feminist and a way to believe you are taking care of your own well-being. It is rebellious, individualistic and teaches free will and self-control.


These modern witches take care of what is important to themselves, are environmentally minded and look out for one another, like a witch and her coven.


On witchcake.co.uk, Holly Cassell describes her lifestyle blog as an alternative to the norm, covering cruelty-fee beauty, wellness and tackling taboos, amongst other healthy & spiritual topics.


Currently describing the harvest season in the UK, this appears to be an amazing new trend bringing girls back to nature, their roots and their powers.