Worry Worry Worry

How to live in the moment and stop worrying …


Young children naturally emulate their parents.

If a child’s parents go through life with a cheerful manner, then they will learn how to copy this behaviour.   Similarly and most probably, if one of your parents is a worrier, you will unfortunately follow suit.


We are always being told to live in the moment and enjoy NOW but how easy is that, when we have past experiences to base our current one against and the future to plan and head towards?


The skill is to be happy to live the day we are in. If you can stay in the present moment and activities of the day, these are the moments you can have some influence over.

To worry and loose sleep over past actions and events, which could happen in the future, is really a waste of time. Most times they NEVER happen, so it is a complete waste of energy.

After all if one constantly regrets past events, these can cloud over present moments. Or one can spend all the present moments worrying about what might happen next and loose the day once again.

If something dreadful has happened – acknowledge it and carry on. We all want a better future, which we think, we can control but this cannot be 100% forced and simply has to be accepted, as this is what it is.

mr worry

The brain is accustomed to its thought patterns and if you are a regular worrier, niggles will always creep in when you are trying to resist them.

One suggestion is to write down the specific worry, what you can do about it and then make the decision to carry out the plan immediately.

There is always something you can do to overcome the ‘worry thought’.


Get active and get living. Don’t waste your time.