Youth Strike 4 Climate

Youth Strike 4 Climate


Everything we feared in the future is slowly coming to fruition.

Insect populations collapsing.

Mass animal extinction.

Wild fires.

Droughts, heatwaves and floods.

The stench of doom is appearing incredibly quickly.


The strike took place in over 60 towns and cities across the UK. The students missed school and asked the Government to declare a climate emergency and take active steps to face the problem.

Three were arrested, two for obstruction of the highway and one for a public order offence.

Parents were divided on whether their children should strike on the last day before half term.

Some children boarded an open top city tour bus bringing roads to gridlock and the sound was deafening from chanting “We’re not moving”.

The students want the government to acknowledge the ecological crisis and reform the curriculum, so Climate Change is an educational priority.

The Green Party MP Caroline Lucas described the students as ‘inspiring’ whilst Theresa May urged pupils to stop wasting teacher’s time

The Youth Strike 4 Climate has already been seen in Australia, Switzerland and Belgium and was inspired by Great Thunberg (16) who protests every Friday outside Sweden’s parliament to urge leaders to tackle climate change.

A UN report has recently reported that limiting global temperatures rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, beyond which climate impacts become increasingly severe, requires un precedented action.

One of the placards read

You can have capitalism, or you can have the planet.

Others said simply

F*** Theresa May.

If we examine the causes of climate change, we know it was humans who are guilty and their overpopulation of the world.

We burn carbon-based materials and carbon dioxide is emitted.

With increasing levels of CO2, heat is absorbed, and the earth is warming in accordance to these levels.

Big companies can be blamed, rich people can be blamed and greedy individuals but to get down to basics, we all took part and added a little bit to the disaster each and every one of us.