” I’m bored”.

“I’m Bored”


Why is it so important that a child should be allowed to be bored and why adults should not react to this often uttered statement?


The words provoke a feeling of inadequacy in adults to be able to entertain or provide the tools to entertain. Also the guilt that they are too immersed in their own pursuits to engage with the kids.


The options are to plonk them in front of the TV/Laptop and let them be diverted by a screen or to leap to attention and start playing an ‘exciting new game’.


Or maybe say I love being bored back to them.

Children being bored is actually good for them, it allows them the silence to hear themselves and come into their true being,


There is a constant stream of noise and activity going on around children and in the world.  Keeping busy is the new concept of being worthwhile.  If you are not busy and possibly stressed, then you are not doing enough!


If children sit bored and quietly, they will discover what lies within them, what they want to do, even form their adult career path.


Stillness produces a sense of self. Overstimulation knocks this out of a child.

When a child is bored, their mind can wander, and creativity is improved. Daydreams spark creative thought.  To exercise the imagination is an important skill to develop.


Boredom also improves psychological well-being by letting the mind find time to look back and find value in their own experiences, developing their own unique view on the world, making them strong for their futures.


Motivation is also a key skill learnt by being bored.  Children can practise making their own decisions and find ways to be interested in their surroundings.


Only boring people get bored is the popular expression and this is one of the most important lessons for a child to learn.  Instead of being constantly entertained, they need to learn to entertain themselves.