Screen Time at home

Limiting your adult screen time


Parents are being urged to extract themselves from their screens and get their children ready for school.


The education secretary Duncan Hinds, says that whilst we talk a lot about screen time for children, we forget that adults need to make sure they are not permanently glued to their own phones and neglecting one to one time with their children.

Duncan wants to help parents understand that they need to all get off their gadgets and get ready to learn.  28% of children finish their reception year without the basic early communication or reading skills needed at that age and for their future years.


Perhaps adults find it even harder to limit their own time staring at screens and forget that one to one facetime with children is far more rewarding and healthier.


Parents should be setting an example to their offspring and showing that technology is good if used at the right time to support learning, not as an obstacle to learning skills.

Children of course learn all their habits from their parents, so if they are observing their parents spending time on their gadgets, they will only follow.

Now nannies have to sign contracts to say they will limit their social media activity during work hours.


The education secretary is holding meetings this week with businesses, media and technology groups to find ways to encourage parents to help with early learning at home.  The main focus being to improve children’s basic communication skills such as reading and singing.  Ministers are already working with the National Literacy Trust and Save the Children to recommend activities for families, such as play involving numbers and songs and poems.


More effort needs to be made at home to play with children and not using a tablet or gadget.  True learning comes from real play and interaction with humans.