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We are inviting like-minded people to send us their views on the VIP member and what she might be interested in.

It could be something that has appeared in an article, a game you used to play as a child or an image that sums up what it is to be young and full of ideas.

We are interested in building up a network of adults who are passionate about helping shape our girls into bright individuals.

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13 Nov

Guest Post

Screen Time at home

Limiting your adult screen time   Parents are being urged to extract themselves from their screens and get their children ready for school.   The education secretary Duncan Hinds, says that whilst we talk a lot about screen time for … Read more »

06 Nov

Guest Post

Talking to children about PORN

Talking to children about Porn The concern continues to rise, with children and their easy daily access to porn.   The porn which is so easily found online, is promoting sexually aggressive behaviour towards women and girls.  A staggering nearly … Read more »

31 Oct

Guest Post

Children and their Teeth

40% of children in the UK who need surgery for dental problems are already known to Social Services.   Experts have indicated that children with severe dental decay should be referred to NHS safe guarding teams as it could be … Read more »

23 Oct

Guest Post

Homework for 3-year olds

Homework for 3-year olds   Is this an impossible concept to process, that 3-year olds now have to do homework after school?   In the States, the New York Department of Education is advocating half an hour of homework a … Read more »

16 Oct

Guest Post

Obese at Ten Years Old

Obese at Ten years Old   It has been announced on the news this week, that a record number of 10- & 11-year olds in England are “severely obese”.   One in 25 children in year 6 primary school are … Read more »

09 Oct

Guest Post

New Tech Toys

New tech toys   UK schools now spend 900m on education technology every year in order to teach the next generation basic digital skills.   Once upon a time, classrooms were blackboards, and textbooks but with the fast ever evolving … Read more »

02 Oct

Guest Post

Colours v Drab

Colourful clothing for girls and drab outfits for boys?   It does seem to be the norm now to be able to get anything for girls in a rainbow of colours but for boys there remains a dull collection of … Read more »

25 Sep

Guest Post

2017 Most Popular Babies Names

What’s in a Name   The most popular names of 2017 have been announced by the Office for National Statistics.   The most heard names in the UK are still Olivia, Oliver and Muhammad (all spelt in various ways).  Sarah … Read more »

18 Sep

Guest Post

Warning signs

Back to School Behaviour   Going back to school can create many common anxieties, seeing friends again and swopping stories, having the correct ‘in’ accessories for the new year and feeling sure of oneself emotionally and academically.   How can … Read more »

11 Sep

Guest Post

Can Play help in the workplace?   On Friday 7 September, Lego Play Day was launched in London, UK, with an experiment to investigate the impact of play in the workplace.   This was conducted at the LEGO hub in … Read more »

04 Sep

Guest Post

Throw-Away Society

The throw-away society we are bringing children up in   Reading Festival showed a huge disregard for money, waste and possessions, and even more for the expectations that ‘others’ will clear up after us.   Up to 60 food bags … Read more »

28 Aug

Guest Post

Eating Together

School Lunches & eating together   Soon it is Back to School time and where many low-income parents are happy that their children are getting a hot meal, others are not so happy about the choice on the menu.   … Read more »

21 Aug

Guest Post


Spiritual or Witchcraft   Millennials are focusing on Witchcraft as a fashionable trend in their lifestyles.   They are called wiccans and are incredibly hip. These women in their twenties are 21st century witches, wearing heavy eye makeup, septum piercings … Read more »

14 Aug

Guest Post


To be a Tomboy   Is this a label that is still used to describe a girl who isn’t ‘girly’ enough?   There are many definitions of the word and arguments about whether it is negative or positive.   The … Read more »

07 Aug

Guest Post

School Dinners & Food Banks

School Dinners & Food Banks   It seems incredible to learn that in 2018, there are still many families who rely on free school meals to feed their children good hot meals during term times.  Consequently, in the long summer … Read more »

31 Jul

Guest Post

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays   How do holidays make your child happier and smarter?   Adults look forward to their holidays to relax, get away from work and stock up on energy again. Children look forward to fun time with their parents, … Read more »

24 Jul

Guest Post

Coram’s Fields

Coram’s Fields and Harmsworth Memorial Playground is a children’s charity that serves as a safe place for all children to come and play. As well as a seven-acre park and playground situated in Bloomsbury, London it also has an after school and … Read more »

17 Jul

Guest Post

Think Like a Child

Think Like a Child   We all know that children are generally more creative than adults. Dr Stephanie Carlson, an expert on childhood brain development (University of Minnesota) explains that children spend up to 2/3 of their time in imaginative … Read more »

10 Jul

Guest Post


Etiquette lessons for 3-year olds   There has been a sense of sadness with the teaching staff in Llandovery College in Carmarthenshire in South Wales, sadness of the demise of good etiquette in modern manners. So, they decided to put … Read more »

03 Jul

Guest Post


When does a child’s Self Esteem or Self Worth start?   It starts very early on. By the age of 5 a child should have established their sense of self. But a lot happen at the moment that a mother/father … Read more »

26 Jun

Guest Post


CATCH22   Here is another wonderful organisation whom: –   “brings support out of clinical settings to engage and support young people on their terms in non-stigmatised locations.  We work hard to prevent disengagement and offer, directly or through supported … Read more »

19 Jun

Guest Post

” I’m bored”.

“I’m Bored”   Why is it so important that a child should be allowed to be bored and why adults should not react to this often uttered statement?   The words provoke a feeling of inadequacy in adults to be … Read more »

12 Jun

Guest Post


Bread, the food of life.   The importance of bread in the bible is it’s association with miracles and the magical supply of food.  Manna is the word used in the bible for the bread God supplied to the people … Read more »

05 Jun

Guest Post

International Day of the Child

International Day of the Child   The date of the International Day of the Child varies over the world.   The 1st of June is celebrated in 50 countries, whilst others celebrate the Universal Children’s Day on the 20th November. … Read more »

29 May

Guest Post


Set up by Barnardos, Paths Plus programme seeks to empower children to develop the fundamental social & emotional learning skills to make positive choices throughout life.   Realising Ambition funded Paths Plus, which is a UK wide initiative founded to … Read more »

20 May

Guest Post

Modern Women Education

Allow Your Inner Girl Become Intelligent Princess Today in this busy world it is easy to forget being happy and concentrate on being safe and stable. Why not let your dreams come true? Modern education can help. Modern Women Education … Read more »

15 May

Guest Post

Hiring Snowflakes!

Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a neologistic term used to characterize the young adults of the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that … Read more »

There are so many clothing brands out there in the UK and beyond offering great styles for the modern child, why not start early by not influencing your child with very feminine or masculine biased brands?   The trend for … Read more »

01 May

Guest Post


Is YouTube collecting data on children?   A complaint has been filed by a group of 23 child advocacy, consumer and privacy groups, against the US Federal Trade Commission, saying that Google is breaking child protection laws by collecting and … Read more »

24 Apr

Guest Post

Reading trends have recently completed research analysing 2018 data from YouGov to find out which children’s classic books are still being read and which modern 21st century titles are replacing them.   Children in the UK still enjoy reading, 76% of … Read more »