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We are inviting like-minded people to send us their views on the VIP member and what she might be interested in.

It could be something that has appeared in an article, a game you used to play as a child or an image that sums up what it is to be young and full of ideas.

We are interested in building up a network of adults who are passionate about helping shape our girls into bright individuals.

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28 Nov

Guest Post

Education Cannot Wait

Education Cannot Wait   An estimated 75 million children are in need of support in education. There are either missing out or in danger of missing out on education. Where there are country crises, education appeals receive less than 2% … Read more »

21 Nov

Guest Post

The Truth about Christmas

What does Christmas mean to us now? Is it simply an opportunity for children to get as many presents as possible and for adults, a season to eat far too much and realise how poor they are come January….?   … Read more »

14 Nov

Guest Post

Facebook & YouTube

Sean Parker, an early investor in Facebook spoke out this week about the truth behind the creation of Facebook. He explained that the founders knew exactly what they were creating and the fact it would become addictive. He commented “God … Read more »

The Somerset owned shoe company was formed in 1825 by a family of Quakers. The original Clark brothers were called Cyrus and James and were great at accelerating their production and range but no good on finances and future predictions.  … Read more »

31 Oct

Guest Post

Gender Identity

In 1989 when the Gender Identity Development Service opened in London, it got 2 referrals in the first year. The director of the service (Gids) Dr Polly Carmichael said it was a nerve racking decision for a clinical psychologist to … Read more »

24 Oct

Guest Post

Top Christmas Toys 2017

These really are a great idea. Hatchimals – when you rub the heart on the egg, the egg turns from purple to pink and then hatches into one of 70 collectible Hatchimals.  There are even some surprise rare ones to … Read more »

17 Oct

Guest Post

Dietary Patterns in Children

Are there profound differences in dietary patterns between European children and UK children?   Recent studies show, that if a soft drink is made available during meals OR no parental role models are present, these factors affect which type of … Read more »

10 Oct

Guest Post

New Steps     In August, this year Mothercare were slammed for their Nature Explorer collection for girls featuring floral patterns and slogans using words like ‘confetti’ and ‘sparkle’.  Their Space Oddity collection geared towards the boys, showed planets and … Read more »

03 Oct

Guest Post

Lammily a go go

Lammily go from strength to strength   Lammily dolls are continuing to develop their figures and clothing on a fast level.   Their range of clothing is innovative and inspirational. Your Lammily girl doll can be an artist, professor, firefighter, … Read more »

26 Sep

Guest Post


RUGGER   Today on the news it was stated by academics that “Tackling and scrums should be banned in school rugby, to protect children from the risk of concussion and later brain damage”. They urged the UK’s chief medical officers to … Read more »

Written by Maurice Sendak in 1963, the classic drawings and words of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, have been read to an enormous range of children all over the world and is translated into 32 languages.   The book was … Read more »

12 Sep

Guest Post

Lady of the Flies

Lord of the Flies …All Girls   The 1954 novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is to be adapted by Scott McGehee and David Siegel.  They have signed a deal with Warner Brothers to remake the novel but … Read more »

05 Sep

Guest Post

A digital Childhood

Digital Childhood and the IPad Generations   Children and their preferred choices of entertainment has certainly changed in the years. The new generation use the internet considerably more than the TV and OFCOM has reported that the usage of online … Read more »

20 Aug

Guest Post

VIP Statement

As VIP becomes a registered and official charity, we are ready to release our statement of who we are and what we are going to do to help in the UK.   Our website has been updated to include our … Read more »

27 Jun

Guest Post

Body Issues in Children

Body Issues in Children   Body awareness and body issues are starting earlier and earlier in children in the UK   Children as young as 3 have voiced their own body worries and 4 years old know about how to … Read more »

20 Jun

Guest Post

Camps and Girls’Days

The Global Orphan Foundation is getting involved in Girl’s self-esteem issues. They have recently started the ‘Camp My Moment’ to bring together young ladies from Nicaraguan orphanages to start encouraging leadership skills and good future decisions.  The camp has team … Read more »

06 Jun

Guest Post


Budding Stem Started in 2014, Budding Stem was created by Jennifer Muhm and Malorie Catchpole using a Kickstarter Campaign. Stem stands for Science, Technology, engineering and maths. The line of clothing was created when the 2 mothers couldn’t find what … Read more »

30 May

Guest Post


  On her website, Ariana Grande is selling a lot of merchandise with the word Dangerous on it . Is this a word we want young girls to associate themselves with? Maybe courageous and smart but dangerous? m The definition … Read more »

23 May

Guest Post

Modern Dolls

Modern Dolls We love Lammily dolls but are not convinced if you really need a Period Party kit BUT I am sure it has a place in a teenagers development and understanding of her menstrual cycle. Lammily introduce their special … Read more »

02 May

Guest Post

How Children Learn

What children want from Grown Ups is not to spend hours playing games online but listening time and interaction from their favourite adults. Erika Christakis’ book, The Importance of Being Little,is about this very subject. She suggests that adults need … Read more »

25 Apr

Guest Post

Children and Nature

Children and Nature   We stumbled across this organisation called , the other day.   They are based in the US and this is what they do.   Vision A world in which all children play, learn and grow … Read more »

18 Apr

Guest Post

Easter, what does it mean?

What is the real meaning of Easter   A couple of years ago, a survey conducted in the UK amongst children showed some shocking results about their understanding of Easter, A large percentage of children though the Tortoise and the … Read more »

11 Apr

Guest Post


U S Girl Empowerment Clubs and Organisations   In the USA there are a plethora of websites and groups where you can join up and get involved in GIRL POWER and more and more popular is mentoring   www.mygirltalk .org … Read more »

04 Apr

Guest Post

First Post

FIRST NEWS   This is the only national newspaper for children in the UK and is now an online news channel for teens and kids.   The channel films reports with children, for children, about children! Sarah and Steve Thomson … Read more »

28 Mar

Guest Post

Worry Worry Worry

How to live in the moment and stop worrying …   Young children naturally emulate their parents. If a child’s parents go through life with a cheerful manner, then they will learn how to copy this behaviour.   Similarly and most … Read more »

21 Mar

Guest Post


POVERTY in THE UK   There are higher child death rates/obesity and ill health than in most of Europe according to a report 2017, UK children have their health in jeopardy. UK children are better off in terms of health … Read more »

14 Mar

Guest Post

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day   What is the meaning of this day, celebrated each year on the 8th of March? It was started in the 1900s when 15,000 women marched through New York City asking for voting rights, better pay and … Read more »

07 Mar

Guest Post

Career Choices

What do you want to be when you grow up?   The most popular 5 careers for women, recorded by a UK newspaper in February this year, were primarily in the public sector, in roles such as doctors, nurses, teachers, … Read more »

28 Feb

Guest Post


GRANDPARENTS   Have you still got a Granny or Grandpa or do you call them a different name?   You are very lucky if you do have one or more Grand Parents in your lives. They may not be able … Read more »

21 Feb

Guest Post

Toy Hackers

Goldie Blox has teamed up with a great You-Tuber. Goldie Blox are the team leaders in building aimed at girls the world over. At Goldie Blox, they build, invent, and create, and they knew that in the corner of the … Read more »