VIP Experience

We believe in:
Be yourself and stand up for what you believe in – don’t follow the crowd.
Lead by example … inspire another girl to be a VIP.
Aim high – you can be whatever you want to be, if you try hard.
Help others less fortunate.

A generation of little girls is being raised on a steady diet of pink princess merchandising and big-busted B-list celebs. While we go about the world brandishing the principles of strong and independent female role models, there is still a culture of sugary and plastic women who many little girls idolise as they unwittingly absorb the popular culture which we are bombarded with every day.  We figure girls everywhere deserve better.

We have created this website to encourage young girls to step away from the culture of celebrity worship and ‘girlie’ role models, allowing them time and incentive to flourish into their own individual characters. Our aim is to show healthier role models for young girls, fun and more age appropriate, to build their confidence and growth. Creative play and exploration is an important part of their journey through to adulthood, making room for natural development, emotionally and physically.

An Online Membership Club

VIP is an online membership club aimed at inspiring girls to value and be proud of their intelligence and independence, breaking away from the modern pressures in today’s society. Members register online and receive a badge in the post and access to the site. Boys are welcome to join us and support the ethos.

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Each VIP character is interested in different pursuits – Charlie the Climber likes stepping stones, Jo the Joker likes telling stories and Rose the Fixer likes making costumes. The VIP characters encourage girls to explore their abilities and find where their talents lie, making their individuality and achievements the new ‘pink’.

VIP is currently showcasing its short video featuring an interesting mixture of girls and women all doing interesting jobs.  But did their childhoods dreams turn into reality?  We are asking every VIP to send in their own video to feature on our Your VIP Videos page. The blog is updated weekly with ideas for inventive and imaginative play with non gender specific guidelines and any like minded other organisations of note. There is also a Thought of the Week, focusing on good manners and kindness.

This is a non-profit organisation funded principally by the late Pamela Collingwood, who never felt she was quite good enough.