About VIP

Very Intelligent Princess is a non profit organisation, aimed at girls.

Boys are very welcome also.

We are Very Intelligent Princesses.

We are strong and bright and each one of us is UNIQUE.

  • We like helping one another.
  • We all have interests and hobbies.
  • Everyone is good at something.
  • We enjoy playing and creating our own games.

On joining VIP, each member receives a badge and access to the blog and Your VIP Videos  page.

Do view our VIP film at the top of this page featuring a mixture of interesting girls and women, all doing different jobs.  Did their childhood dream turn into reality?

Illustrations by Maria Herbert-Liew

The story behind VIP

Sasha Havlicek and Rachel Collingwood met in 1985 when Sasha was 10 and Rachel 20.  Rachel looked after Sasha when her parents were out, up until Sasha was a teenager.

Now Sasha is grown up and Rachel even more grown-up.

As founding CEO and Director of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), Sasha Havlicek is responsible for the development of programmes: research and policy work in the fields of social cohesion and counter-extremism, European neighbourhood and Russia policy, cultural and media dialogue with Muslim communities and the Arab world. She is the brain behind VIP.

Rachel Collingwood is the director of Central Studios, a photography and video studio in London. Over the years she has been working with various charities including Mona Chimpanzee Sanctuary, SURF of Rwanda, WDC and has set up her own charity called The Girls Home for a home for social orphans in Nicaragua. She is the organiser for VIP.

Their combined concerns about girls growing up in our appearance-obsessed society, and perhaps not fulfilling their potential, spurred them on to create VIP. Boys are most welcome in all activities that VIP will provide. Funding will go towards creating after school activities in disadvantaged areas of the UK, and for the film to circulate far and wide.  A clothing and stationery range will follow, using the VIP logo and the characters.

The other two trustees are:

Andrew Sutton – Art Director

Coky Giedroyc – Film Director

sasha and rach 2sasha and rach